I just got my toe stomped on today in soccer and luckily I had a protective coating on my nail from too many incidents like today. You can see the blue under the nail which is blood. it seems that there is a direct impulse to the brain to say a four letter word when the 200 plus pounder lands on or kicks your toe.

I started using a non- acrylic nail that can protect raggedy bashed up nails from running and the above mentioned trauma. Acrylic cosmetic nails are damaging to the nail  and should not be used. Patients that where those frequently have pitted nails underneath. I use a dental resin called Kery-flex that both protects and certainly makes the nail look better cosmetically. in some case the nail actually improves in appearance after the protective coating is taken off. I have a trained technician to apply the coat in for bot functional and cosmetic purposes.

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