Last Sunday the Buffalo Bills were able to bypass their emotions when things were not going their way the referee calls. Rex Ryan had the players wear wristbands that said “Yes Sir” as a default response to the refs to short circuit impulsive reactions to bad calls. This same philosophy can be applied to compliance with healthcare and life in general. My fitness colleague Jon Pearlstone has been on to managing impulses early on  in his EET Fitness approach to diet, exercise and weight loss. Creative strategies could be developed with the same cues for managing daily decisions with diabetes act. It has to go a step beyond the pic of the buffed up supermodel bod on your fridge door  because life is beyond the four walls of your kitchen. You have to find that something that will allow pause in that impulse so that you may live a better life until it becomes habitual. Remember we are not defined by our failures but how we get up off the mat.

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