No this post isn’t about a new Wolfman movie! It’s actually about trying to get rid of plantar warts. Warts are a strain of the HPV virus. Plantar warts are a particularly hardy strain and they can reside on pool or bathroom surfaces , as well as the skin itself. Do you remember the old Wolfman movies wear the nice guy turns into a werewolf and they film it time lapse style?

I call a treatment I use on warts the reverse Wolfman because when it works it causes warts to fade away. It uses a deactivated yeast called Candida which signals the body to recognize the foreign antigen, attacking the wart virus. The treatment takes about 2 months to work in most individuals.  A recent study in The Amercan Journal of Dermatology states that 2/3 of all warts will respond to the Candida Antigen treatment.

Laser therapy can also be used for warts. If you look at a wart you will see little black dots; those are the blood vessels. Laser treatment works by damaging the blood vessels that provide nutrients for the wart tissue. Several sessions maybe required.

Although some warts go away on their own, plantar warts tend to be tougher to get rid of without treatment.  Contact our office today and schedule a consultation to discuss the Reverse Wolfman or Laser Therapy!  Schedule an Appointment Today

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