New Paltz Running Camp

Dr. Ben Pearl of Arlington, Virginia spent the week in Upstate NY as the medical advisor and injury educator in collaboration with the New Paltz Running Camp in New Paltz, NY. In his second year of participation, Dr. Pearl is educating the teens at the camp on what a podiatrist does. He also provided care and information on injuries and injury prevention.


Pearl collaborated with directors Michael Trunkes and Tom Nohilly to develop material that fit in with the camp’s larger curriculum. Several points were touched. These include detection and prevention of injury; the psychology of injury; the impact of training interruption and re-entry into training post-injury. He was also able to interact with the athletes by discussing the importance of proper nutrition. Dr Pearl also participated with them on mountain trail runs on the picturesque Shawangunk Mountain Ridge.

correct greenAttentiveness

“I was moved by the individual care we were able to give to the student-athletes,” stated Ben. “I witnessed a coach passively monitoring a student’s meal portion size. He casually approached her and asked her to join him for an ice cream as she turned in her partially eaten meal. It’s that type of attentiveness, and the feeling that I am making at least a small and lasting impact, that keeps me coming back each year.”

Inclusion and Exclusion

Calling out athletes that are robbing fair play athletes of their dreams the first one to speak out is always going out on a limb. The latest look at the worms underneath  rocks is sexual misconduct in a position of authority and Aly Raisman as eloquently told her own story. As long as not upsetting the apple cart when there is blatant deviant and malicious behavior is the norm it is difficult to become the first to speak out.

Sports Massage

We have recently added Peter Sherry to our clinic to better serve our running and athletic community with sports massage. Peter is an accomplished runner formerly with Georgetown’s Reebok Enclave Team and a 2 time competitor in the Olympic trials. He brings that athletic experience to his technique. You can book a massage by contacting our office. Pete has also collaborated with Tom Nohilly.


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