Kamea® G -$30.00

Kamea® G, with alpha hydroxyl acid technology, is engineered for use on the sole of the foot to improve the appearance of impressive hyperkeratosis, significant scale buildup, and callusing. May be used to clear chronic hyperkeratosis prior to or concurrently with the use of Kamea® 20 as a moisturizer.

Clean Sweep® – $15.00

Clean Sweep® is a clear, flexible antimicrobial micro-coating that works inside the shoe. Use daily for a safe, all natural, way to kill bacteria and neutralize causes of shoe odor. Eliminates 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and fungus on contact.

FungiFoam® Antifungal – $40.00

FungiFoam® Antifungal successfully treats Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm while calming itchiness, moisturizing for softer skin, and exfoliating for smooth skin. What’s more, FungiFoam® works in days — not weeks or months — and keeps it from coming back…guaranteed!

Dr.’s REMEDY Nail Polish – $18.00 (or 2 for $30.00)

A Podiatrist formulated advanced nail enamel. Long lasting, brilliant color. Enriched with Garlic Bulb Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Wheat Protein and Vitamins C and E.

Dr.’s REMEDY Nail Polish Remover – $10.00

A non-acetone enriched nail polish remover. REMEDY Remover is infused with vitamins, protein and naturally occurring anti fungal ingredients.

Antifungal/Nail Renewal Solution

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Tolcylen™ Antifungal / Nail Renewal Solution is the first and only antifungal, cosmetic, and nail renewal treatment, all in one product. It is available without a prescription and dispensed exclusively through physicians. Tolcylen™ is the only antifungal product of any kind to feature FDA approved antifungal and proven cosmetic agents. These agents are emulsified in low molecular weight, low surface tension excipients, similar to the excipients used for FDA approved topical Rx drugs that are proven to penetrate and carry antifungal agents through the nail plate. The Tolcylen™ cosmetic and renewal agents are able to rapidly improve nail appearance in compromised nails. Urea, Lactic Acid and Propylene Glycol softens, thins and lightens brittle and discolored nails while acting as penetrating agents for the other ingredients. Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E can moisturize and revitalize nails, while promoting healthy nail appearance and growth. The patented delivery system is user friendly and the applicator tip controls flow while effectively dispensing medication on the nail fold and hyponychial areas on the edges of nails.

Tolcylen Therapeutic Foot Soak

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The Tolcylen™ Therapeutic Foot Soak is an innovative physician-dispensed foot soak that is formulated for optimal hygiene and as an augment to skin and nail treatments. It contains a proprietary blend of moisturizers, exfoliators, protectants, cleansers, essential oils, and salts all to create a therapeutic and spa-like experience. The cleansers remove dirt, oils, and sweat that may contain bacteria and fungus, while the skin protectants leave a silky layer that protects susceptible areas. All of these ingredients are combined with the patented Tolcylen delivery vehicle to penetrate skin and nails and leave your feet clean and healthy.

Tolcylen Daily Micro-cleansing Foot Soak

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The Tolcylen™ Daily Micro-Cleansing Foot Soak combines moisturizers, cleansers, and conditioners in a soothing crystalline salt base for a spa-like experience. Patients with mild skin and nail conditions and those transitioning from the therapeutic soak can benefit from routine soaking resulting in clean, soft, rejuvenated, and healthy-looking feet.