The makers of Jublia wagered about 4.5 million dollars on a super bowl ad pitching a topical cure for nail fungus. The cure rate is about 17% The only problem with the drug is that a 48 week course costs about $8500. That equates to a semester of college tuition at an in state school for trying to take care of toenail fungus.

Treatment requires a more comprehensive plan than simply applying a topical . You have to keep the environment in your shoes dry as well as your feet. Your shoes need a disinfection agent as well. Lysol is not considered acceptable because of the toxicity to the skin. You also ideally need a catalyst to make it possible for a topical to do the job. Laser treatments and oral medications are two strategies to help a topical do the job. Over the counter medications may not be as effective but they are a fraction of the cost of the 17% cure rate that Jublia boasts.

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