I seem to find myself seeing the same winter scenario every year as I walk down the street noticing people slip and fall on the icy sidewalks. I never really gave much consideration to the idea of a solution to this issue until I was at The Run Event in Austin last week. I came upon a Swedish footwear company called Icebug. The Icebug representatives informed me that their company focuses primarily on the traction aspect of footwear. Although their traction control varies for any weather or environment, I learned that the company gained international popularity due to their shoes designed for traction control in icy and slippery environments.

Best quoted from their own website, “with our patented carbide tip stud technologies, Icebug is the expert in providing the highest level of traction for extreme slippery conditions.” Although they are best know for their shoes designed for icy conditions, Icebug has a shoe for any environment or situation you may encounter. The shoes vary from ice running to trail running, and they even have shoes designed for obstacle course challenges.

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