Old Logo

As most of you might know we have had our Logo for over 15 years. It was definitely time to bring in a new one. Our old logo was basically a foot in black and white color. We believe our brand and identity are crucial to our success.

Arlington Foot and Ankle

Designing the new logo

We tasked Maria to  make a new design for us and she came up with splendid ideas for us which had some wonderful illustrations which are looking forward to sharing with you. It has a blue and maroon color. The mountain designates the great places we go with our feet and as you can see on top of the mountain is a person climbing up.

In conclusion here is a worth quote; “Most of society tells us that the goal in life is to get rid of all difficulty and find the easiest path. Everybody really wants to have their feet up watching football,” At best that’s pleasurable but there’s no joy in that, that’s not worth getting up in the morning for. Whatever you’re doing, try to be the best. Running teaches you that. There’s joy in applying yourself and doing something difficult and trying to do it well.” – Jon Beverly

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