Those that troll the Internet are certainly aware of “the pimple popper.”  These videos have garnered more than a cult following. Popping pimples may work for skin acne but dealing with a ganglion cyst in the foot is more complicated. We weight bear on our foot subjecting it to shearing forces in addition to the weight itself. Then there is hydro-static pressure internally. I have had one patient quote me chapter and verse that this is a mucoid  cyst that can simply be popped. There is nothing wrong with attempting to drain a ganglion cyst temporarily. Understand that you are not removing the sac that encapsulates the fluid and it usually comes right back in short order. The problem with reading medical information on the internet is people assume it applies to their situation. My friend, Shawn Fenty, the “shoe guy,” coined the phrase “the sea of foolishness” to describe the internet.  You can find all kinds of armchair doctors–as well as doctors with an AGENDA–telling you on the other side of a computer screen what is best for your health. In the case I am presenting, you can see the sac clearly as a bubble that I bluntly dissected in part with my surgical gloved hand so as to keep the whole cyst intact prior to removal. Even after surgical removal they can still come back.  Experience has taught me that only draining a ganglion cyst as the final solution is a fool’s folly.  Schedule Appointment

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