Running Shoe TipsBeneath the surface of a running shoe, there is more than meets the eye. Size plays an integral role in the comfort and efficiency of the shoe. Astonishingly enough, other aspects like color and model may be a factor as well.

Nylon is a tough, lightweight polymer fiber that is one of the most commonly used in running shoes. The color of the fabric actually indicates the type of weaving it has undergone. This means that the color of nylon can determine the extendibility, elasticity, or other characteristics of the shoe. Different types of fabric may also affect the shoe fit. Loosely woven mesh may provide more flexibility in contrast to the heavier, rubber toe caps for instance.

Runners that place supportive accessories within their shoes like metatarsal pads should try to accommodate for the size. However, manufacturers often do not standardize the size of their shoes. Shawn Fenty, manager of Fleet Feet Sports in Washington DC, recommends finding running retailers that have deep inventories that can provide the correct widths. Stores that lack the supply may even attempt to place a different, incorrect shoe size onto unsuspecting customers. This also applies for shoe stores that have running shoes as a secondary line. This especially becomes a concern for individuals with long, narrow feet, since most shoes rarely satisfy those criteria, often leading to shoes that are too short in length. Before you look into other solutions for your foot injuries, be sure to get started with the correct fit.

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