Ben Pearl, DPM Interviewed William Pawluk, MD, MSc, an expert and author on electromagnetic therapy. Podiatry has been using electromagnetic therapy in the form of bone stimulators for several decades. The body has neurons and other tissues like bone that respond to electromagnetic charges like a battery. Dr. Pawluk stated that electromagnetic energy effects are governed by the laws of physics. Applying Faraday’s law, we know that the intensity of the magnetic field pulse and its rise time to reach its peak determines the amount of energy the body produces. The higher the gauss intensity, and the faster the pulse reaches its peak, the more energy is produced by the body to stimulate healing. Another law of physics that applies to PEMFs is Newton’s Inverse Square Law that governs the natural, rapid drop off in magnetic field intensity with distance from the source of the magnetic field. By using the Inverse Square Law, you can calculate the power level needed to have enough depth of penetration to get the desired effects at the target tissue.

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