Agenda Welcome and Opening Remarks –Ben Pearl, DPM Putting Biomechanics Theory into Practice –Stephen Pribut, DPM An Update on Biomechanics Research from Calgary –Benno Nigg, PhD Practical Biomechanics –Richard Blake, DPM Update on New Features & Materials in 3D/4D Printing –Yong Li, PhD Current Trends in Orthotic Therapy –Stephen Pribut, DPM Top 5 Orthotic Adjustments and Why –Richard Blake, DPM Open Forum for Questions –Ben Pearl, DPM Closing Remarks –Ben Pearl, DPM Faculty Richard Blake DPM, Author Practical Biomechanics for the Podiatrist, Professor Samuel Merritt University Yong Li, PhD, CEO OLT Footcare Benno Nigg PhD, CFO Biomechanigg, Human Performance Lab (HPL) Ben Pearl, DPM,  AAPSM  Fellow, Health and Fitness Correspondent Fit Foot U Steve Pribut, DPM Past AAPSM President, Former advisory board at Runner’s World, Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery

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