Shockwave has traditionally been used for heel pain (Plantar fasciitis) and other tendon injuries.  Now an enhanced FDA approved Focused Shockwave is available at Arlington Foot and Ankle.  This new Focal Shockwave not only helps compliment injures that have not responded to Radial Shockwave ( offers other indications, such as delayed bone healing.

Focal Shockwave vs Radial Shockwave

What is the difference between Focal and Radial Shockwave (pressure waves)? Focal Shockwave produces greater power at the desired treatment area and has the ability to penetrate deeper into the tissue. Radial Shockwave (pressure waves) is more suitable for larger more superficial treatment areas. The total energy delivery is less than focal shockwave. The largest differentiation in treatment indications is that focal shockwave has a greater chance to stimulate bone healing. Call the office at 703-516-9408 and/or Schedule an Appointment Today

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