Last week I checked out the new AG(antigravity) treadmill at MedStar NRH at Marymount physical therapy in Arlington. The therapist Jeanna walked me through the protocols. This running rehab device is perfect for recovering from a an ankle  injury or plantar fasciitis. It allows you to progressively weight the injured area. There is a scheme for lateral stability to come back to field sports that require a lot of ankle stability. For me personally, I can see how this could help me rehab when I had my knee injury- still working the muscles but decreasing the gravity 15 percent or more. Progressive weight bearing  allows tendon bone and muscle tissue to maintain the proper structure and strength which it loses when no weight is place on an injured area. Studies have confirmed the properties of the tissue improving when some weight load is used. My colleague and one of my mentors in podiatric sports medicine Amol Saxena DPM, thinks so highly of these that he bought one for his man cave/gym to keep his training wear and tear on his knees to a minimum. He has been able to stay competitive at  a masters level in running. He adds that the AG treadmill can be can be used for post stroke, Parkinson’s disease and weight loss as well. Stay tuned for my review of the new Adidas boost technology another knee boost, at least for me.

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