Research in the rapidly expanding field of regenerative medicine has found regenerative medicine

promising uses for amnion tissue in the form of amnion injections to heal foot and ankle injuries. Amnion tissue contains proteins that have anti-inflammatory proteins and growth factors. The cells have little immunogenic activity which means there is no issue with rejection. I battled my own Achilles tendinosis injury for some time.  I used conservative treatments like lasers, yoga and compression sleeves. After exhausting those measures, I used guidance with ultrasound to localize the area which was injured and injected the amnion growth factor.  Many years later, I am as active as I was prior to my initial injury.  I  play soccer weekly, jog, cycle daily, ski, and hike.

You can find out more information about receiving this treatment at Arlington Foot and Ankle.*


*Medicare is now covering amnion growth factor injections for tendon, ligament injuries

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