Laser Nail and Wart Treatment

Dramatic Results seen after just 1 month of laser treatment, in conjunction with topical treatment.

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Onychomycosis is a fungal infection of the toenails that effects as many as 10% of adults with much higher rates of incidence in diabetics and people suffering from psoriasis.

Historically, treatment of the nail fungus has been difficult because the infection is embedded within the toenail, making it difficult to reach. Eradicating the infection could take up to a year and involve multiple treatments.

Anti-fungal pills, which include some risks of liver damage, have been show to work less that half the time and topical treatments, such as prescription toenail lacquers, have success rates as low as 10%.

Laser treatments for injuries may be as few as one to two sessions or require several depending on the depth and degree of the injury.

Laser Treatment For Sports Injuries

Laser can also be used to treat certain sports injuries such as Achilles tendonitis and ankle sprains. This usually requires a few sessions. The laser accelerates healing by increasing blood flow to the injured area.

Laser Nail Treatment

Recently a new laser treatment has been show to have positive results for many patients, speeding up the removal of infection. The laser, originally designed for cataract treatment, uses near-infrared light to target the fungus, leaving the surrounding nail intact. We use the Cutera Genesis Plus which is one of the few lasers that are FDA aproved for the treatment of nail fungus.


Laser Wart Treatment

 Plantars warts can be difficult to get rid of due to the thickness of the soles of your feet. By opting to use our laser treatment you can avoid a surgical procedure and an open wound on the bottom of the foot. The laser can also be used to treat warts on the dorsal aspect of the foot as well.

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