Checking out Suspicious Moles for Melanoma

bob marley

We are in the sun season and this is a reminder to wear sunblock and hats to prevent skin cancer and precancerous lesions. Bob Marley’s story is a cautionary tale. loved playing soccer. He had a recurring sore nail on his right foot that kept falling off that was thought to related to playing soccer at first. The nail […]

Don’t Let Jacked Up Feet Ruin Your Trip To the Beach

With summer coming many patients are coming in embarrassed about showing their feet at the beach or pool because of fungal or unsightly toenail. One new solution available at Arlington Foot and Ankle is a nail resin called KeryFlex. KeryFlex Nail Restoration is a safe, nonsystemic in-office application that restores the appearance of patient’s natural […]

If the Shoe Fits: What You Didn’t Know about your Running Shoes

Beneath the surface of a running shoe, there is more than meets the eye. Size plays an integral role in the comfort and efficiency of the shoe. Astonishingly enough, other aspects like color and model may be a factor as well. Nylon is a tough, lightweight polymer fiber that is one of the most commonly […]

Healthy Feet For The Summer Heat!

Dr. Ben Pearl discusses the rising concerns of Diabetes and the effect it has on your feet. Additionally, as the summer months arrive and you become more active on your feet, Dr. Ben Pearl discusses the methods for maintaining healthy feet. If you have any questions about pain in your feet or ankles, please contact […]