Deciding Whether a New Treatment is Right for You

Making the decision to use new technology for your medical condition such as laser all depends on your age, genetics, and medical condition. Sometimes a treatment won’t work if you do not meet their biological qualifications. Experiences can vary greatly with patients, and the personal experience of one patient will not always translate to your […]

Inspirational Olympic Memory: Kerry Strug’s Vault

The third contest winner for inspirational Olympic moment was won by Phil in Arlington for describing Kerri Strug’s vault on an injured ankle. Kerri Strug competed with an injury to her ankle ligaments at the 1992 Barcelona games. In dramatic fashion she was able to complete her final vault by sticking her landing in traumatic […]

Healing Like a Pro

Many athletes are too pressed to return to the field or track after injury. Recently, Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Sammy Watkins had a screw placed in his foot after suffering in off-season fracture. Instead of placing emphasis on what he’s going to be missing in the short-term like we have seen before with RG111 […]