PRP (Patelet Rich Plasma) for Sports Injuries not all It’s Cracked up to Be

PRP has been more hype than substance as gathering evidence has put it more into the realm of cherry picking based marketing. The following an excerpt  from an updated article in  Pain Science in 2015 by Paul Ingraham from Vancouver. “Taken as a whole, the evidence is somewhere between inconclusive and discouraging. Although more research […]

Staying Active and on Your Feet to Combat Diabetes and Obesity

I saw another study come out posted by a friend and committed diabetes advocate Gary Hall Jr. He was able to excel in the Olympics despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The new study show that uncontrolled diabetes is likely responsible for 3 times more deaths than previously thought because of it being a […]

Yoga and the Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man reminded me about what yoga does for us functionally. The Vitruvian Man has his arms and legs positioned somewhat like the hour and minute hand of a clock. By getting strong in poses of yoga, you become less susceptible to injuries in sports like soccer and skiing, which are very […]

Spider Veins

Spider Vein Removal

Laser spider vein removal is an easy, fast, and effective way to treat superficial veins. Laser therapy has been used in the medicine for more than 30 years. Advances in technology have helped developed many different lasers. The laser uses a focused beam of light. In the treatment of veins, the wavelength of light is […]

Sustaining Injury Recovery with Yoga

Recently, I realized the importance of frequency of yoga practice for sustaining injury recovery. I had hurt my hamstrings and went through rehab at Virginia Sports Medicine to heal and reduce the scar tissue and which got me back to the soccer field. I had a promotional initial month at Down Dog Yoga and wanted […]