Weighing In On Some Evidence for Forefoot Strike vs Heel Strike

In 2010 I wrote :There appears to be a continuum of preference for barefoot running related to a runner’s efficiency and abilities. Certainly runners that have grown up running barefoot in areas where it is more prevalent, like Kenya, have been conditioned to run more efficiently barefoot than more industrialized countries. Beyond that elite athletes […]

A Meeting of Healthcare Minds in Nashville, TN

I was presenting at a practice management meeting in Nashville, TN last weekend discussing barriers to using medications. The general purpose of the meeting was how doctors can work more efficiently in an increasingly complicated healthcare landscape and better connect with their patients. I was impressed with the cooperative spirit at this meeting. Little things […]

The Consequences of Infections

Recently the tight end, Daniel Fells, of  the New York Giants had an unfortunate turn of events after a cortisone injection. He acquired a staph infection after the injection. This particular strain of staph was  a type called methicillin-resistant staph aureus. Methicillin-resistant staph infections have been on the risehas bacteria have mutated to resist traditional […]